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A list of the unpublished Carol Corsa and Mickey Morgan stories.

Why I write and what I write about
Carol Corsa and Mickey Morgan stories

Carol Corsa and Mickey Morgan
Carol Corsa and her family.
Carol goes fruit picking.
The angry tractor.
Mickey Morgan.
(All the above were published in the first book)

Mickey Morgan is mended.
Carol Corsa is poorly
Carol goes to the seaside.
Mickey Morgan and the Hill climb.

Carol goes to hospital.
Carol and Mickey go to school
Mickey Morgan and Father Christmas
Carol and the avalanche.

Mickey in the Morgan Museum.
Carol, Mickey and the popstar.
Carol goes to a fete.
Mickey Morgan goes to Beaulieu.

Carol gets her wish.
A surprise visit
The Morgan car club rally.
The Michael Sedgwick run

Carol and Mickey's main memories.
Mickey and the scenic run
Mickey meets the Duke.
Carol Corsa goes swimming

The daring rescue.
What happened next.
The return to Lynton,.
Mickey stopped for speeding.

Carol and the shunting lorry.
Mickey helps Carol and Carol helps Mickey.
Mickey goes ice skating
The baby

A further four stories have
been written about Mickey’s
visit to the USA

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