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I am the author of "Carol Corsa and Mickey Morgan", a book for children about the adventures of two cars and the family who own them.
I live in Somerset in the West Country of the United Kingdom, but I am prepared to travel to any part of the United Kingdom (And also to the USA) to visit schools to talk about creative writing, using my own writing as a starting point.

I am often asked to spend a full day in a school and I am happy to do this.

This may well be your first visit by a published writer and you may wonder what you may expect to achieve with a visit of this nature.

One thing that you should expect to get from such a visit by me is a renewed enthusiasm by the children to have a go at some creative writing for themselves.
Things to bear in mind.
What are you hoping to gain by a school visit by an author?
Any visiting author will be expecting to gain a little promotion of their own writing. I personally do not expect (or indeed want) to sell my book(s) in schools, there is a perfectly adequate list of outlets for my writing via the bookshops. (See the outlets link on this page.)
What do you want me to do?
I am very flexible, but I do like to start initially by talking to as large a group as possible. (This saves a lot of repetition later in the day.) I have on several occasions spoken at assembly, where the school has one, but I like to take this opportunity when presented to talk about a different, but related topic. These have included issues such as bullying, third world debt, the most important sentance in the world, and other similar topics of real interest to children.
What sort of topics do you want me to cover?
I am regularly asked to then go on and visit pupils class by class.
My special interests as far as these sort of writing workshops are concerned include: creating characters, writing about emotional matters, how to carry out research, how and why words evolve, and using the computer as a writing tool.

How will the children react to my visit?
I have worked with children and teenagers in various ways all my life, and my rapport with them is almost instant. They will find my whole approach to them of great interest and they will want to, and should be provided with the opportunity to, ask a lot of questions.
Because of the amount of unsolicited emails that I now receive I have removed my email address from all but the contact me page of my website. If you wish to email me, go there and follow the instructions .
Picture Right.
Claire Rosemary Jane, photographed in the crown of the Statue of Liberty, New York Harbour, New York,
U. S. A
    More  about me. 
I am :

A member of The Society of Authors (SoA)

A member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

On the Advisory Board and Sub Editor of Kids on the Net

A former member of the National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE)

A former part time Lecturer at the Somerset College of Arts and Technology.

A former guitar teacher in one of the Primary Schools local to me.

You can email me by taking my
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Picture Right.
Claire Rosemary Jane, photographed in the crown of the Statue of Liberty, New York Harbour, New York,
U. S. A