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One question which children frequently ask me is as to whether I have any pets. The answer to that is "No." (Other than some pond fish which I can leave for a while). The main reason for that is because I am away from home such a lot that it would not be fair to have a pet; it would not get the attention that any pet deserves to have. But I do love to ride, and although I do not often get the chance to do so, I take such opportunities as I do have. The picture below shows me doing just that, riding Rosie, one of the Morgan horses bred by my friend Liz, at her stables in Michigan, USA.
 I do actually have quite strong views concerning pets, which I stress are my own personal ones and not ones which I would seek to force upon other people.

I do not, for example, like the idea of having any pet that has to live in a cage. This is because I think that I can imagine what it feels like to have to live in a cage, to be able to see out, and yet rarely or never be allowed out into the outside world to live a free life.
The picture below, (courtesy of the Somerset County Gazette) shows me with one of the horses, ("JR"), Gillian Andrews and Jesse Dixon, at the Conquest Riding for the Disabled Centre, near Taunton, which I visited to carry out some research for another book.
All in all a wonderful ride and a great experience. I would recommend it to anyone who likes riding, is under 200 lbs weight, and who is not afraid of heights.